What is GoTeach?

GoTeach UK is the partnership between the DHL UK Foundation and DHL colleagues, working together to support young people across the UK who really need our help. GoTeach activities are run in partnership with specialist charities to tackle educational inequality and help young people from disadvantaged communities develop the skills they need for the world of work.

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Making a difference to young people
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young people supported last year

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of these students are more excited about their future career prospects

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colleagues got involved last year

"I feel really passionately about the huge difference DHL employees can make in local schools and communities across the UK. It was a privilege to be asked to be Chair of the GoTeach UK Ambassador Board and I’d like to encourage you, your teams and sites to get involved to help us support many more young people."

Dean Wyatt
Chair of the GoTeach UK Ambassador Board
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Why you should get involved

GoTeach offers DHL colleagues, irrespective of location, job role or experience, the opportunity to:

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Inspire young people about the world of work
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Showcase DHL and the wide range or careers available in logistics
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Raise aspirations and develop confidence in young people to help prepare them for employment
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Support your local community by connecting DHL colleagues with schools
Meet Megan

Megan secured a place on the DHL Chartered Business Manager degree-level apprenticeship after completing a series of career and employability activities whilst at school, including the outdoor educational residential.

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"I benefited from the GoTeach programme when I was at school and I loved it. The outdoor education activities were exciting and I learned a huge amount. Taking part helped me focus and think about life after school. Since leaving school I have secured a great job at DHL where I’m earning money and working towards a degree in Management, thanks DHL!"

DHL Employee
How you can get involved

Like hundreds of other DHL colleagues nationwide, you can help our next generation access the best possible education and develop essential life skills. Whatever division of DHL you are from, there is a way you can help make a difference with GoTeach.

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"It is an excellent opportunity for your own development, and you will enjoy working with different young people and helping them grow and flourish."

Donna Wilson,
DHL employee