How to get involved

We need you to inspire young people about the world of work

Like hundreds of other DHL colleagues nationwide, you can help the next generation develop the essential skills they will need to secure meaningful employment.

Whatever your role in DHL, there is a way you can help make a difference with GoTeach. Our team provide full support, resources and briefings to every colleague taking part and we will help you identify the right activity to make the best use of your time and skills – whether that’s supporting a session that takes one hour, half a day or a programme that requires a regular commitment.

“This is your opportunity to join hundreds of DHL colleagues and be a role model to young people in the communities where we work. Together with the leaders of each of the DHL UK divisions, I would like to encourage you to share your skills and experience through the GoTeach programme and help young people near you to prepare for the world of work. Thank you in advance for your support.”

Susie Robinson
Chair of the DHL UK Foundation
Ways you can get involved
What is coaching?

Our coaching programme matches colleagues, with teachers and leaders in schools facing the toughest challenges. Coaches and coachees work together over the school year through regular one-to-one online sessions. DHL coaches have made a positive impact on  teachers and school leaders work in schools serving low-income and underrepresented communities.  Our coaches’ expertise, time and commitment help our teachers develop their professional goals and address the challenges they face.

What is a Classroom Activity?

DHL colleagues can deliver 1 to 2 hour sessions in local schools to deliver one of our 6 pre-prepared activity sessions.  Before going into a classroom, all colleagues attend a briefing session with one of the Foundation team to go through the activity and answer any questions you may have.  We usually have 2-4 colleagues running a session so you are not expected to deliver these alone.  You can also observe sessions to begin with to see if this is for you.

Did you know? Classroom activities can be delivered individually or in small groups – so why not come along to see a session in action or get together with some other colleagues to deliver an activity as a group?

What is Mentoring?

The Bridge Builder mentoring programme, offers DHL colleagues with the opportunity to mentor a young person taking part in their City Year placement.  City Year UK recruit passionate and engaged young people aged 18-26 to volunteer full-time in schools for a year to tackle educational disadvantage.   DHL colleagues are matched with a young person, supporting their mentee during their placements and help them plan for the next steps of their careers.

Hint: Many mentoring opportunities do not have to be face-to-face, and can be facilitated through Skype, with follow up support provided through emails and phone calls.

What is the Outward Bound Trust?

This includes a 5 day residential taking place with our partner, The Outward Bound Trust.  Colleagues are partnered with a local school over a 6 month time period, delivering sessions in school, supporting year 10 students to realise their full potential and develop their skills.  To find out more about the residential part please look at the Outward Bound website.  Due to the amount of engagement, this programme does require a higher level of commitment from colleagues than some of our other programmes however it is a very rewarding one!

What is a Reading Programme?

This is an opportunity to support children in primary schools with their reading.  In partnership with Bookmark, DHL colleagues can join our online reading programme.

What is a Site Visit?

DHL colleagues can host young people for an interactive Site Visit at a local DHL site or office. This often includes a site tour, careers Q&A with DHL colleagues, and logistics-themed problem solving and teamwork activities.  The Foundation Team will be on hand to support with the planning of these sessions.  This opportunity is dependent on your location and the location of our partner schools.

Hint: Use your site’s training or meeting room space to run the activities provided in the toolkit. This can make the day fun, memorable and help reinforce learning.

What is a virtual event?

Throughout the year we support our charity partners with ad hoc virtual event.  These can include events such as mock interviews, delivering employability skills workshops and panel discussions around DEIB topics.