How to get involved

We need you to inspire young people about the world of work

Like hundreds of other DHL colleagues nationwide, you can help the next generation develop the essential skills they will need to secure meaningful employment.

Whatever your role in DHL, there is a way you can help make a difference with GoTeach. Our team provide full support, resources and briefings to every colleague taking part and we will help you identify the right activity to make the best use of your time and skills – whether that’s supporting a session that takes one hour, half a day or a programme that requires a regular commitment.

7 Steps to get involved


Let us know the opportunities that interest you via the form below


Join a GoTeach briefing call


Visit our eShare for resources & to download our GoTeach guide


Observe an activity being delivered by another colleague


Sign up to deliver an activity and complete the preparation required


Deliver your GoTeach activity with support from the Foundation


Share your experience with colleagues and help us reach more young people

“This was my very first GoTeach activity, but it won’t be my last! With school staff present and support from the DHL UK Foundation team, it was much easier and more fun than I anticipated!”

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Ways you can help
What is a Classroom Activity?

Deliver a short assembly or career activity in a school, designed to inspire pupils, showcase DHL and introduce students to employment opportunities in the logistics industry.

Did you know? Classroom activities can be delivered individually or in small groups – so why not come along to see a session in action or get together with some other colleagues to deliver an activity as a group?

What is a Site Visit?

Host young people for an interactive Site Visit at a local DHL site or office. This includes a site tour, careers Q&A with DHL colleagues, and logistics-themed problem solving and teamwork activities.

Hint: Use your site’s training or meeting room space to run the activities provided in the toolkit. This can make the day fun, memorable and help reinforce learning.

Employability Skills Workshops

What is an Employability Skills Workshop?

Run a practical and engaging workshop designed to help students develop various employability skills. Share your own career stories and transferable skills as well as the variety of opportunities available within the logistics sector.

Did you know? 57% of colleagues developed their own skills by taking part, including confidence, communication, and presentation skills.

What is Mentoring?

Use your skills and experience to support and mentor a student, young person or newly qualified teacher. This is a flexible opportunity, so get in touch to find out more about the options available.

Hint: Many mentoring opportunities do not have to be face-to-face, and can be facilitated through Skype, with follow up support provided through emails and phone calls.

What is an Outdoor Educational Residential?

Support young people as they develop confidence and essential life skills through an unforgettable outdoor educational residential experience with a leading UK youth charity.

Did you know? DHL colleagues have been mentoring students on outdoor educational residentials for over 10 years!

What is a CV & Interview Skills Workshop?

Deliver a hands-on workshop in the classroom to help students identify their key skills, practice interview techniques and write their CV.

Hint: This workshop is best delivered by a team of 3+ colleagues. You can either volunteer as a group or we can help you put a group together!

What is the Work Experience & Employability Through Sport Programme?

Engage with unemployed young people through football, dance and fitness and help them recognise the transferable skills these sports offer.

Did you know? 50% of work experience placements have resulted in the young person being offered employment within DHL.

What is TACS?

Deliver an interactive session educating children between the ages of 7 and 11 years about road safety and the dangers of large vehicles in their local communities.

Hint: We organise many sessions a year, all booked a few months in advance, so you have plenty of time to get organised.

“This is your opportunity to join hundreds of DHL colleagues and be a role model to young people in the communities where we work. Together with the leaders of each of the DHL UK divisions, I would like to encourage you to share your skills and experience through the GoTeach programme and help young people near you to prepare for the world of work. Thank you in advance for your support.”

Susie Robinson
Chair of the DHL UK Foundation