Our People

Meet our team and ambassador board, who together help deliver the DHL UK Foundation’s ambitious strategy and engage DHL colleagues in a range of worthwhile programmes and activities.

“Our people are at the heart of everything the DHL UK Foundation does, and we can only deliver our ambitious strategy through the hard work, collaboration and support of our team, our board of ambassadors and the GoTeach champions.”

Sonia Chhatwal
Director DHL UK Foundation
The team delivering our strategy

The Foundation’s dedicated team are responsible for managing relationships with charity partners and engaging DHL colleagues in a wide range of Foundation programmes and activities.

Sonia Chhatwal
DHL UK Foundation Director

Andrew Button-Stephens
Senior Programme Manager

Nicky Donovan
Programme Manager

Harry Wade
Programme Manager

Jen Simkin
Foundation Manager

Karen Tatham
Foundation Manager

Our ambassador board

The Foundation is supported and represented by Ambassadors in all areas of the DHL business across the UK, who are responsible for managing the outreach of the Foundation’s activities and engaging with DHL colleagues.

Sasha Morgan Manley

Tim Bolam

Jason Lavery

Dean Wyatt

Louise Miller

Ollie Baker

Natalie Frow

Zena Canavan

Paul Manley

Rebecca Hickling

Sarah Maddox

Samantha Mandeville

Our GoTeach champions

The GoTeach Champions are an amazing team of passionate DHL colleagues that are specially trained by the Foundation to lead relationships between DHL sites and their local school partners. As part of our ambitious strategy, we are currently recruiting more champions. Find out more about how to get involved or become a champion.