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Match It! provides DHL employees with an opportunity to have their fundraising and volunteering efforts boosted for charities, schools and not for profit community organisations that matter to you.

Boost your charity fundraising with Match It!

What matters to you, matters to us. Match It! supports DHL employees in their fundraising and volunteering efforts for charities, schools and not for profit community organisations by boosting their donations. For those who prefer to volunteer their time on a regular basis, employees can also apply to have their volunteering time matched as a donation in recognition of their commitment.

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You can make multiple applications per year up to the programme limits. We’re now able to support more charities than ever, with animal and arts organisations now included.

Apply for a Match It! grant from the DHL UK Foundation to boost your charity support.


Match It is open to all current and retired employees of DHL. Only current employees can apply to match volunteering time.

Fundraising (employees and pensioners):
You must raise a minimum of £50 through your own personal effort, or a minimum of £100 if the application is being made by a group (3+ people).

Volunteering (current employees only):
You must be volunteering regularly for at least 40 hours in any year with a charity, school or community group.

Fundraising (employees and pensioners):
Individuals: We will match fundraising up to a maximum of £300
Groups (3+ people): We will match fundraising up to a maximum of £600
Both individuals and groups may apply to the programme as many times in a year up to the maximum programme limit.

Volunteering (current employees only):
Individuals: May receive up to £300 depending on the number of hours volunteered over one year with a single organisation. 40-200 hrs = £100, 201-400 hrs = £200, 400+ hrs = £300.
Groups: May receive up to £600 depending on the number of hours volunteered per person over a year with a single organisation. 7.5-35hrs = £240, 36-50hrs = £420, 51+ hrs = £600.
Both individuals and groups may apply to match volunteering hours once per financial year (April-March).

Fundraising: A receipt from the beneficiary organisation confirming the amount raised and received.

For volunteering: a letter from the partner organisation confirming details of your volunteering commitment. For an organisation which is not a registered charity we will also require a copy of the organisation’s constitution*.

*What is a constitution?
It is good practice for an organisation that is not a charity to have a constitution and this is an indication that they are well run. The Foundation wishes to ensure that should the organisation supported cease to operate, any remaining funds will be distributed to like-minded organisations.

Whilst the DHL Foundation’s primary mission is to support charities that help disadvantaged young people in the UK, we will boost fundraising to many charities including health, animal and arts charities, sports clubs and local community organisations.

Match It! does not allow applicants to claim funding for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Political organisations
  • Religious bodies or sectarian causes
  • Building appeals

Any decision on the eligibility of the applicant or that of a particular beneficiary or the interpretation of any of the other rules of the scheme will be at the sole discretion of the Trustees of the DHL UK Foundation. Donations will not be made to organisations whose activities or objectives may conflict with those of the Foundation or DHL.

The Trustees of the DHL UK Foundation will allocate an annual budget for the programme and once this limit has been reached, the Foundation will have the right to reject or defer applications at its own discretion.

If you require advice or guidance on your eligibility or the completion of the application form, please call the DHL UK Foundation helpline on 01285 841 914, email or write to us at DHL UK Foundation, Suite C & D, Unit 9 Cirencester Office Park, Tetbury Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6JJ.

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