Our Programmes

The DHL UK Foundation is a UK registered charity that works with charity and school partners to support disadvantaged children and young people to get access to the best possible education, the chance to develop essential life skills and to secure meaningful and sustainable employment.

The Foundation works in partnership with DHL businesses in the UK, likeminded charity partners and DHL employees to deliver change-making programmes and meaningful opportunities to make a difference.

GoTeach Programmes

GoTeach UK is a partnership between the DHL UK Foundation and DHL colleagues, working together to make a difference to the education and employability of young people across the UK. GoTeach includes various activities delivered in partnership with multiple specialist charities aimed at tackling educational inequality and helping disadvantaged young people to develop key employability skills.

Classroom Activities

Colleagues can deliver a short assembly or activity in a school – either as a group or individual – to inspire pupils about the world of work, especially the opportunities available in the logistics industry and DHL.

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Site Visits

Young people, from a school or organisation, can visit a local DHL site or office with an interactive tour from DHL colleagues. The site visit includes problem solving and teamwork activities to make the day fun, memorable and a learning experience.

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Employability Skills Workshop

Trained colleagues deliver a practical, engaging workshop to help students develop their employability skills and identify their existing transferrable skills for the world of work. Colleagues are invited to share their own career stories, lessons and skills as well as the opportunities available in the logistics sector.

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Mentoring is one of the most flexible opportunities available for DHL colleagues, using their skills and experience of work to support a student, young person or newly qualified teacher. This can be delivered face-to-face or remotely to students all over the UK.

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Outdoor Educational Residential

In partnership with a leading UK youth charity, DHL colleagues can mentor and support students as they develop confidence and essential life skills through an unforgettable outdoor educational residential experience.

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CV & Interview Skills Workshop

As a team, DHL colleagues deliver a hands-on workshop with a group of students to help them identify key skills, practice interview techniques and write their CV to ready them for the world of work.

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Work Experience & Employability through Sport

In partnership with a UK youth charity, colleagues engage with unemployed young people through sport. This activity is part of a structured employability programme designed to build transferrable skills, bolster confidence and secure employment.

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Trucks and Child Safety (TACS)

In partnership with colleagues from DHL UK, drivers and trained demonstrators deliver an interactive session educating children between the ages of 7 and 11 years about road safety and the dangers of large vehicles in their local communities.

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Other Programmes
Match It!

Match It! supports DHL employees in their fundraising and volunteering efforts for charities, schools and not for profit community organisations by boosting their efforts with funds from the DHL UK Foundation. Together we have already matched over £250,000 of charity support.

Helping Hands Programme

Helping Hands is a benevolent fund run by the Foundation to support DHL colleagues and pensioners going through financial hardship. Applications are welcome from colleagues and pensioners from all DHL businesses in the UK.

Trucks and Child Safety

Trucks and Child Safety (TACS) is a national safety training programme run by the DHL UK Foundation and employees of DHL in the UK. It aims to help keep young children safe around larger vehicles on the road by educating primary school children as they start to travel independently.