GoTeach UK celebrates International Women’s Day

Published on 04/04/2024

On the 8th March 2024, the DHL UK Foundation, DHL and AeroZone (part of Manchester Airport Group (MAG)) came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. With this year’s theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’, we had the perfect opportunity to showcase the achievements of women in the aviation industry, inspiring young women to be leaders and forge a better more inclusive world.

Our organisations welcomed 75 young women across 3 schools to Stansted (St Helena School), East Midlands (Derby Moor Academy) and Manchester airport (Parrs Wood High School). The day was centred around showcasing the variety of roles at an airport, many of which are typically held by men. According to Women in Aviation International, ‘women make up less than 20% of most aviation occupations and the areas with the largest gender gaps continue to be pilots, maintenance technician and senior leadership positions.’

At the start of the day, the students were asked if they would ever consider a role within an airport and a few tentative hands went up. When asked what type of role, a common theme was ‘pilot’ or ‘air hostess’. There was a stark gap in their knowledge of other vital roles within an airport.

We were determined to change this! They heard from DHL key note speakers about the roles DHL offer in the aviation industry, took part in a GoTeach Logistics Challenge and immersed themselves in AeroZone’s hands-on facility, exploring roles in aviation via realistic role-play work zones.

Throughout the day, we heard the students’ reflections:

“I feel like more women should have confidence and just go for these jobs. It shows that women can do anything they want to do”

“The range of jobs is incredible at DHL and MAG. DHL is a company I would like to work for.”

“I loved it, very inspiring. Women supporting women is the best”

By the end of the event, the same question was asked to them: ‘Would you ever consider a role in aviation?’ This time, the majority of girls put their hands up saying they would be interested to learn more about roles such as security, front of house and DHL’s customers like easyJet.

By taking the time to highlight the exciting career opportunities an airport can bring, and having successful women take time out of their busy day to inspire the next generation, it can leave a lasting impression and inspire them to think about their future.


Thank you to all DHL colleagues who supported this special day and AeroZone for hosting us