GoTeach: Employability Skills

GoTeach: Employability Skills

Published on 14/01/2022

Year 10 students from the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy listened to a presentation given by DHL colleagues Josh Crowe, and Tom Twigger. Tom and Josh explained what transferable skills are, how valuable these are in the workplace, and how students can recognize the skills they already have. The employability skills workshop introduces students to the world of logistics and demonstrated how important skills such as and communication and teamwork are.

This presentation aims to boost confidence of 15 year-olds and gives them real life scenarios where students need to problem solve, think on their feet and demonstrate leadership skills. This is a great opportunity for DHL colleagues to share their own career journey, offer advice, and gain experience presenting to a group of young people.

Tom and Josh commented on their experience: “Our session with the Guru Nanak school was a great experience, we both enjoyed working with the students, sharing our career journeys, skills used in the workplace and the interactive nature of the session. From start to finish we had great engagement from the students, everyone was participating with plenty of discussions and questions being asked.

The session itself was incredibly rewarding, we’re glad to have helped support each of the students and hopefully provided some takeaways which they’ll use in the future. I’d recommend employees to support the DHL Foundation, it’s easy to get involved, very simple (thanks to the team!) and most importantly, for a great cause.” Tom Twigger and Josh Crowe

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This is a great opportunity to give something back while improving your own confidence and presentation skills.