Mentoring a Young person

Published on 01/02/2022

The DHL UK Foundation are excited to announce that 48 colleagues have volunteered to take part in the Bridge Builder mentor programme.

Working with our Charity partner City Year, DHL colleagues have generously agreed to give up their time and expertise to mentor City Year volunteers, aged 18-24, to help them on their next steps in their career.

As the first mentor scheme of the academic year, DHL colleagues can interact with young people, act as a sounding board for ideas, and offer careers advice. This is a great opportunity for colleagues to share guidance and expertise, and to build a relationship with a City Year volunteer.

A previous Bridge Builder, Paul Mason, and winner of Bridge Builder of the Year award 2020, commented: “It’s always good to engage with different types of people and remind yourself that there is someone out there starting their journey. I had been looking to get involved with people and give something back through the Go Teach programme. This was an option which was easy to accommodate in my diary whilst feeling as if I was adding a positive impact.”

We are so grateful to all DHL colleagues who have agreed to offer their guidance; it is so valuable for a young person to hear advice from an experienced professional.

A previous mentee, Meg Barton said: “Having a Bridge Builder had a great impact on me, they were there towards the end of my volunteering year and were always on hand to help support with my CV and personal statement writing skills, they allowed me to practice my interview skills and, overall, allowed me to have more confidence when moving forward.”

The advice from Bridge Builders can have such an impact on a young person – thank you to everyone who has signed up. We are so grateful for your support!