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You don’t have to fundraise or volunteer for a registered charity to apply to Match It!. As long as your group has a suitable constitution you may still qualify.

What is a constitution and why do you need one?

In essence your constitution sets out why your group exists, what it plans to do and how it will run itself. Even if you never want to become a registered charity a constitution ensures there is a shared understanding of how the group should be governed. It will determine whether or not you have made decisions correctly and is the means by which any disagreements within your organisation can be resolved.

There is a wealth of information available from our friend Google. Just search for ‘model constitution’ and you should find what you need.

What makes an acceptable constitution?

The Foundation particularly checks whether you have a suitable ‘dissolution clause’. If your group closes down for any reason, what happens to funds and assets? We cannot give money to a group who would spend it on a winding-up party! We expect to see funds going to a like-minded charity or group. We also want to see that there are checks in place and good governance to safe guard funds and prevent fraud.