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Match It!

What matters to you, matters to us. Match It! provides DHL employees with an opportunity to have their fundraising and volunteering efforts boosted for charities, schools and not for profit community organisations. For those who prefer to volunteer their time on a regular basis, employees can apply to have their volunteering time matched as a donation in recognition of their commitment.

As well as the  community groups, sports clubs and other local organisations, these are some of the many charities supported through Match It! last year:

Match It! Charities

We want to make Match It! accessible to as many DHL employees and pensioners as possible, so we have equalised funding for all charities. You can now make multiple applications per year up to the programme limits. And we’re able to support more charities than ever, with animal and arts organisations being included too.

In 2016, over 900 applications for Match It! were received, with employees and the Foundation donating over £875,000 through the Match It! programme. In addition to this, DHL colleagues dedicated over 38,000 hours to volunteering for charities, community groups and organisations they care about.

The organisation you volunteer or fundraise for does not have to be a registered charity, but it must have an acceptable constitution. To find out more, please follow the link below.

If you need any further details of how to apply for Match It! please call our helpline on 01285 841 914.

Also please note that if your project has been supported by the DHL UK Foundation in the year of application, you can not apply for funding from Living Responsibility, Deutsche Post DHL’s fund which promotes local community investment projects.