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DHL Express CEO inspires Year 10 Geography students in London

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On Friday 7 October DHL Express UK CEO Phil Couchman and colleagues went back to school to educate students about the opportunities a career in logistics can offer.


Thirty two  Year 10 students, all of whom are studying Geography at the new Logic Studio School in Feltham, took part in a number of activities that helped bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace, whilst also learning about DHL and CEO Phil’s globe-spanning career path.


Guest Teacher Lesson_2Paul Manley, DHL Express UK’s Director of First Choice led the students in two activities. The first saw the students piece together a giant DHL Express jigsaw puzzle containing facts about the global express delivery business, and in the second the  students were split into four teams competing to match country names with their flag and airport IATA code.

Paul Manley, Director of First Choice, DHL Express UK said Logistics isn’t necessarily an industry that instantly springs to mind for school leavers, so it was great to be able to give these students a flavour of what a career in logistics could mean and the international opportunities that it presents.

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The guest teacher lesson was organised by Teach First and the DHL UK Foundation, and is part of the DHL global GoTeach programme, improving the education and employability of young people. Teach First, the UK charity dedicated to tackling educational inequality in the UK, teamed up with the DHL UK Foundation in April 2015 to enable DHL colleagues to support Teach First partner schools in communities where DHL operates in the UK.

Terence Lovell, Teach First’s Director of Development said We would like to thank everyone from DHL who took time out of their busy schedules to inspire the next generation.  It was great for the students to hear from senior figures within business on their career paths and have their eyes opened up to the possibilities available to them post-exams.

A special thanks to Mr Lockwood and Mr Cadogan at the Logic Studio School in Feltham, London.

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