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DHL Employees continue their support of Outward Bound

DHL Outward Bound Aberdovey

15 tired mentors have now returned to work after spending a week with 150 young people from schools across the UK.  They have abseiled, rafted, jumped into cold water, built teams, wiped tears and got the young people through one of the greatest challenges of their lives.  These mentors took part in the programme, often out of their own comfort zone as well as the students.

One mentor said; “I can apply and transfer skills I’ve gained here to my workplace.  I’ve seen some great examples of team building and motivational exercises that actually would work really well”

 The skills the young people learn during their experience stay with them for the rest of their lives, they may not at first realise but the communications, problem solving and leadership skills will set them apart from other young people when they enter the job market.

For more info please visit https://www.dhlukfoundation.org/programmes/outward-bound/ and get in touch with a member of the Foundation team.