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Helping Hands

At some point in everyone’s life, a bit of help is needed. Friends and family may be around to offer support, but perhaps they aren’t able to. So it’s good to have somewhere to turn to. Current employees of DHL UK, as well as retired employees of DHL Exel Supply Chain or those in receipt of an Exel or Ocean pension (and their dependents), who find themselves in need of a little assistance, can turn to the Helping Hands scheme.

Helping Hands is run by the DHL UK Foundation and may be able to help where there is an urgent need and, through no fault of their own, someone cannot afford to meet that need.

Please contact Karen Tatham at the DHL UK Foundation for more information and for an application form.

Call or text: 01344 384 756 / 07808 734967

Email: karen.tatham@dhl.com 

You might also look at the following organisations for help:

  • Citizens Advice helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice.
  • Turn2us, which helps people in financial need access welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help.
  • SSAFA (Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association) may be able to help if you have been a member of the UK’s armed forces.

Please note – we are not able to offer loans.